Monday, December 31, 2012

My HYIP Stats - 2012 Year-end Report

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Profit Clicking

Felmina Alliance

Eurex Trade



RicanAdFunds +$30.00 (Dec 24)
Reinvest: $300.00 Bal : $13.35 (Dec 31)
Investment: $300.00
ROI: 90.00%

Profitable Sunrise Compounding mode
Current value (Dec 28) : $176.79 (+3.72)
Investment: $100.00
ROI: 0%

Profit Clicking +$29.26
Date: Nov 7 (after 31 days of waiting)
Investment: $158.00
ROI: 18.51%

Felmina Alliance
Current Bal (Dec 28) : $0.78 (+0.26)
Investment: $10.00
ROI: 0%

Eurex Trade 100% Compounding mode
Current value (Dec 24) : $43.33 (+0.11)
Investment: $30.00
ROI: 0%