Thursday, January 3, 2013

Slam Paid - HYIP to be launch

Update as of January 16, 2013 (Wed) - Slampaid turns to scam after 10 days online.

Update as of January 8, 2013 (Tue) - Minimum withdrawal is now only 1$.

Here's my previous blog post about Slampaid:

Another HYIP to be launch on the January 6, 2013, Slam Paid.

They offer a 6% daily for 40 days.
35% automatic compounded

Each positions cost $19
Minimum withdrawal is $10

Referral Commission Structure
Level 1 - 10%
Level 2 - 5%

Payment Processor: Liberty Reserve Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money Perfect Money, Payza (AlertPay) Payza, and EgoPay EgoPay.

If you would like to try, you may register here.

Here's the details based on their website.

General Frequently Asked Questions

What is slampaid?
Slampaid is an Advertising website that can really drive traffic to your site while at the same time being able to make a great profit from purchasing advertising slots.

How much does it cost? Where do I see updates?
From BIG to small we have it all!
You can join from as little as $19.00 with no maximum limits
Max. with a credit Card is $500.00 but of course you can add more later.
The more positions you purchase the more you make and the more advertising you get.
You can see updates on NEWS button on the header menu we update it often so keep an eye on it.

Do I have to sponsor to get paid large cash?
No way!, you can get paid the same if you sponsor or not. However we pay a lot more and faster if you do sponsor.
You can earn free advertising credits by clicking on banner advertising.

I want to get paid and really need to make Money what do I do first?
After you get a free account log in to members area and click on the Members link then add funds to become active for payouts. Once funds are approved click on purchase position to start your rush of cash

NEXT: You can just watch your cash grow or slip into action and make even more by spreading the word.
We will be a large business in a few months so be smart and go large right off the bat and get ahead of anyone else to get your slice of the pie.

What product am I purchasing to make it legit and is site DDos protected?
Yes slampaid is DDOS protected 100% and all accounts have advanced SSL protection to keep you and your money safe from unauthorized access

You will receive great advertising units you can use to run ads on our site and generate tons of traffic.

We have the number 1 advertising product with 8 years of connections to the marketing world.

We have the best DDOS protection and 100% secure system around.

Can I earn as a FREE Member? Where are you rated?
Yes you can earn referral commissions as a free member but FREE members need to buy at least one ad unit at $19 before they can withdraw their commission.
Warning of scam rating sites:
We have been doing this since the start of time and know all the dirty tricks of the trade and monitor rating sites are 50% run by admins of other programs. The other 50% of the rate sites admin wouldnt even list your site if you dont pay them to join! Then they take all the funds that you gave them and dont rate your site without paying a dime. If you dont pay them you cant get rated. End of story... rating site are not for us full stop.

Can I refer myself or a family member?
You may not refer your self we check this daily. yes, you can add family members and make 15% profit on them.

Are you world wide with support 24/7/365 ? Who are you and how do we contact you?
You can contact our friendly support admins using the support chat bar down below or you can contact us on skype for more continued support or simply send an email ticket and we will reply to you as soon as possible.(Skype=slampaid)

Do you have members from many other countries?
yes we do, we have happy members from USA, Canada, Russia, Taiwan, China, Japan, Australia, Germany and countless others. Get your country going today and be the first to start receiving large cash now!

Do you have Promotion Tools if I want to sponsor?
Yes we post the sponsor tools like forum links to post and promote on money forums to earn even more cash!.

Payments Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I make if I choose to sponsor?
Members who choose to sponsor will do extremely well here and make great amounts of cash fast, depending on how early you get in and how long you stay in for dont delay and you could be well on your way to making a small fortune.

What are the referral payments like?
Referral payments increases your income considerably and we recommend to refer as many people as you can here is the referral chat:
1st level you make 10% of ALL ads that come in AND all future purchases AND reups on ads.
2nd level you make 5% of ALL ads that come in AND all future purchases AND reups on ads.
Slampaid gives you cash on 2 levels for an Amazing 15% of all advertising placed. That is 10% more than any other program, we share the wealth with all our clients.

Are there any other fees other than the join fee for my ads?
No, there are no monthly fees ever!

Yeee Haaaa im making Money can I add more funds please or compound old funds?
We have an automatic 35% recompound or reup so you do not need to worry about any compounding features!
You can do both in members area to add more funds for new ads just click on add funds or purchase positions.

How and when do we get paid on our daily profits?
We pay out daily percent 7 days a week via Alertpay (Payza), Liberty Reserve, Perfect money and a few others.

When are withdrawals paid?
Withdraws are paid 5 days a week.

Can I get a refund if there is an emergency or other issue?
You are purchasing the text and banner advertising. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS You agree to this upon upgrading and our NO REFUND POLICY. If you do not agree, please do not upgrade. We are NOT an investment program you are adding funds to your account to buy an AD. Neither on profits


I'm not encouraging everyone to invest in HYIP.

It’s your choice.

Where to Invest?
When to Invest?
How much you will invest?
What Strategy you will use?
When you will get out?
What will you do to your Profit Gained?
What you can contribute to your fellow Investor?

It’s your money, not mine.
If you’ve gained from your investment, I will not gain from you.
If you’ve loose because the HYIP turned to scam, I will not lose from your investment.

But, don't quit.
There are many investment instruments which may suits you.
Keep in mind that never accept a return below inflation.
Study first before investing, an Investment in Knowledge pays the best interest.
And don't just work for money, let the money work for you.