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RicanAdFunds - IsmMagic second feeder program launched

Update as of July 2, 2013

Non EU Members
written by Russell ISMmagic, July 02, 2013

Non EU residents may no longer purchase ad units in RAF. You may earn referral commissions and existing members will earn from any units they have following the restructure.

You should contact your RAF sponsor and join ismAdsIncome using their ismAI referral url. If they are not a member of ismAI then join it via the ismMagic downline builder. From the main menu above select MyAccount : Downline Builder.

You can transfer referral earnings in RAF to the e-wallet and then use it to purchase ad units in ismAI. Earnings from any restructured units in RAF may be withdrawn via STP.
Russell ISMmagic


Support Tickets
written by Russell ISMmagic, July 02, 2013

1. Restructured Balance. Please note these figures have all been checked and the units you now have are all new and will earn profit share for the full 100 days. Do NOT send in support tickets regarding your restructured balance and units it is what it is.

2. Support tickets must be posted in the appropriate support group.

2a. RAF support tickets

2b ismAIm support tickets

2c Support Tickest regarding Magic Code may be submitted in either of the above groups.

2d. Support tickets posted elsewhere will be deleted.

3. You may only submit your own support tickets. If you send in tickets on behalf of someone else they will be deleted.

4. This week & next support tickets regarding generation of Magic Code are being prioritized.

4a. Do not send in support tickets asking for your docs to be approved as a priority they are being dealt with by our approval team. Visit the upload docs page daily to check progress.

4b. If you are unable to open the "Upload Security Docs" page then use this link (must be logged in).
Russell ISMmagic

E-Wallet Disabled
written by Russell ISMmagic, July 01, 2013
There is a minor issue with e-wallet that we will fix in the morning so it will be disabled until then
Russell ISMmagic
Restructured Balances
written by Russell ISMmagic, July 01, 2013
The restructured balances are what they are, everyone has suffered a set-back but all have come out with an overall profit. Please do not ask me to review them they have already been double checked.

This does not include the odd member or two who have been banned for threatening or abusive behavior.

Russell ISMmagic

written by Russell ISMmagic, July 01, 2013

RAF is now LIVEsmilies/smiley.gif

written by Russell ISMmagic, April 15, 2013
RAF is essentially ready to go live and we could do that now, so as to meet our target of the 15th April.

We also appreciate with so many members needing to activate their E-Wallet and Magic Code that a large number of support calls may arise.

Our team need a good night's rest before facing this challenge so we will do one final round of testing tomorrow morning and them make the system live at 2pm (UK time).
Russell ISMmagic

written by Russell ISMmagic, April 15, 2013
We are still working on RAF.

1. All essential code is tested.
2. Team is taking a sensible break.
3. We have to update the live database structure.
4. Carry out final testing.
5. If all the above goes OK we can still have site live today.

In view of the number of members who will be activating their e-wallets, withdrawal to and purchases from the e-wallet will be disabled for the 1st 24 hours.
Russell ISMmagic

written by Russell ISMmagic, April 15, 2013
To reduce workload on Admin and enable us to deal with a range of issues including support tickets:

Withdrawal requests made Friday to Monday will be paid on Tuesday.

Withdrawal requests made Tuesday to Thursday will be paid on Friday.

UK time will apply.
Russell ISMmagic

Return of RAF & ismAI
written by Russell ISMmagic, April 15, 2013
We are still working and doing final testing on RAF, it should be live sometime today (UK time).

RAF has been moved to a new dedicated server.

When RAF is live its members need to do the following, once their documents are approved on ismMagic.

1. From ismMagic activate the e-wallet for RAF(select MyAccount + E-Wallet form the menu and follow the instructions)
2. Create your Magic (security) Code in RAF (new menu option in RAF). You will need the "ID/Document Number" from your approved submitted "Proof of ID".

Please be careful when creating your Magic Code.
a) You can do this only once.
b) You cannot change it once created.
c) It is encrypted so we cannot tell you what it is.

I will be available on Skype and ismMagic to help with problems regarding activating your e-wallet and Magic Code. I will only respond to support tickets on these two issues this week. We anticipate a large number of support calls regarding this and so have decided to not make ismAI live until later this week.

Members of ismAI will need to do the same once it is live.

Update as of April 9, 2013 (Tue) - Uploading Your Proof of ID & Proof of Address

RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome admin, Russell Chapman, has announced the GO signal for members to upload their documents with this post:

Uploading Your Proof of ID & Proof of Address
written by Russell ISMmagic, April 08, 2013
You may now upload your Proof of ID and Proof of Address at ismMagic.

Log into ismMagic
From the Main Menu select MyAccount and E-Wallet
From the E-Wallet sub-menu select Upload Security Documents
Please read the instructions carefully.

These are the documents allowed:
1. Proof of Identity (any of the following. Max 2MB, JPG or PNG)
- Passport
- Driving License
- International ID Card
- Other Govt Issued Photo ID

2. Proof of Address
- Telephone Bill
- Gas or Electricity Bill
- Bank or Credit Card Statement
- Tax Document

Other instructions for the upload:

Initial Workload

During the initial period we will receive a large number of uploads to deal with. Please be patient during this time and do NOT send in support tickets asking when your account will be verified.


1. Max file size for upload 2Mb
2. File type must be .jpg or .png
3. Documents submitted must be selected from the drop down list
4. You must submit both a Proof Of Identity and Proof of Address
5. Proof of ID must include a photo
6. Make sure you keep a note of the “Proof of ID” document submitted. You will need the ID number from this document to add/edit processors and make withdrawals from all ismRican programs from 15th April 2013.
7. Please ensure the name and address details on your “ismMagic Profile” are the same as on your proof of address.This includes the following entries.
     1. First name
     2. Last Name
     3. Address
     4. City / town
     5. State
     6. Post code
     7. Country
Visit this page to view the status of your ID/Address verification.

Secure Proof Of ID Upload
written by Russell ISMmagic, April 06, 2013

We are currently developing and testing this feature on ismMagic.

All uploads will be fully encrypted for your security.

We aim to have this available on Monday 8th April for you to start uploading documents.

 Server Update
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 30, 2013

Server Update
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 30, 2013
We have now rebuilt the server and have full copies of the live databases (ismAI & RAF) on our test systems. The code and security updates are on schedule.

The live systems will continue to be re-directed to the BLOGs until 15th April.

Uploading Proof of ID
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 30, 2013

This feature is not yet available, we will notify you when it is.

In the meanwhile DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT upload your proof of ID as your profile picture on ismMagic. That is not secure anyone can see it.

Shame I have To Post This
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 27, 2013

Richard, the team and I are working long hours to make this work and it will succeed.

You will not be surprised that I do not appreciate receiving abusive and threatening posts.

The situation is very simple members can behave like adults, be civilised and give us the time to sort this out or not.

Any member who chooses to send me abusive or threatening posts should be aware they are committing a criminal offence and the consequences will be:

1.Your ismMagic, ismAdsIncome and RicanAdFunds accounts will be deleted without recompense;
2.Your criminal action may be reported.

ID Verification
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 27, 2013

I am receiving lots of questions regarding this issue. The reasons for verification are:

1.To comply with all money laundering legislation
2.To comply fully with UK tax legislation
3.To ensure we can continue to take payment from one processor and pay out to another
4.To ensure we can continue to offer the e-wallet
5.Anti fraud measure

The decision to require ID verification is made and will not be reversed. Please do not ask me discuss it.

We will notify members when the upload is available. Full instructions will be included as to what are acceptable documents.

Withdrawals & Earnings
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 27, 2013

In line with the “Money Laundering and Members IDs” announcement, all current withdrawals will be cancelled and added back to your unpaid balance. While this will be a great disappointment to many and may cause short term problems for some, it is for the longer term benefit of all as;

1. We must comply with money laundering legislation with immediate effect;
2. The large number of processor IDs added recently suggests there may be a high level of fraudulent activity.

Withdrawals will available as soon as the site is back up.

On the plus side earnings will be added daily to existing units while the site is offline. We have all the data securely backed up, offline, to enable us to do this.

Referral Commissions
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 27, 2013

Commission rates will be amended as follows

RAF 5%, 3% and 1%
ismAI 4%,2% and 1% with the current ismMagic bonus remaining as is.

All future referral commissions must be used to purchase ad units or be withdrawn to the e-wallet and used to purchase ad units or services in ismRican programs.

Unlike many sites our members will continue to earn referral commission on re-purchases.

Site Availability
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 27, 2013

The ismAI & RAF sites will remain down / under maintenance until all code changes to achieve, to achieve the items in previous updates, are complete.

During this period subject to us having server / admin access we will work on clearing support tickets.

We estimate that completion will be on or before Monday 15th April.

Support Tickets.
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 27, 2013

1. All existing support tickets are cancelled.
2. If you have an unresolved support ticket, excluding pending withdrawals, please apply to join the following group on ismMagic.

3. You may then post support tickets here and we will deal with them as soon as we have access to the required admin functions.

4. By the 15th April we will have our new support desk in place. We will publish more details when it is available.

Money Laundering and Member IDs
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 27, 2013

RAF & ismAI have grown and been far more successful than we imagined they would be, in a very short period. This has led to large sums of money being received and paid.

To ensure we comply with money laundering legislation members wishing to withdraw will need to provide proof of identity.

1. Government issued photo ID
2. Proof of address

As a temporary measure we will allow withdrawals of $10 (on ismAI) and $15 (on RAF) per withdrawal without verification.

We will generate an encrypted verification code. You will have to enter your ID number (e.g. passport number) and the verification code every time you add a processor ID or make a withdrawal.

Processor IDs added with the verification code will be immediately approved. Those added without will be automatically approved after 14 days. The current security answer will no longer be required.

We will be adding a page to ismMagic where you will be able to upload your documents securely and provide other relevant information required.

If you are not yet a member of ismMagic please join today.

written by Russell ISMmagic, March 27, 2013

Our intention is for RICAN businesses to provide long term earnings for us and our members. The last 6 months has been a steep learning curve for Richard, I and our team. During this period ismAdsIncome, ismMagic and RAF have been subject to hacking, theft and fraud. Our members have been generally shielded from any such losses with us taking the hit.

We are now at a stage where the hackers are failing in their attempts to steal money, so in their frustration, they resort to crashing the server every day so as to undermine the confidence of the members.

The actions being announced today are designed to secure the long term future of our sites and your earnings. We accept that there is some short term pain in this process but ultimately each member has a choice "shout scam as some are doing" or "support us and continue to earn long term". Choosing the first option will help nobody including yourself, choose the second and you will be smiling for years to come.

Important Updates
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 27, 2013

We will be issuing updates to cover each of the following today

RAF Long Term Plan
Money Laundering and Member IDs
Site Availability
Support Tickets
Referral Commissions
Withdrawals & Earnings

Within these announcements there will be some news that you may not like but fundamentally the GOOD NEWS is that those who choose to support us in this difficult period will be earning an ongoing income in years to come.

Update as of January 28, 2013 (Mon) - Ego Pay update

Due to an issue with some members' Ego Pay accounts and Ego Pay's sudden change to their terms with regard to us we cancelled all pending Ego Pay withdrawal requests so that you may withdraw to another processor in the mean time.

We apologize for this situation and are currently trying to resolve it with Ego Pay.

This situtation also applies to ismAdsIncome

Russell ISMmagic

Update as of January 27, 2013 (Sun) - Site Back UP

Site is back up with auto purchase approval for LR & STP

Russell ISMmagic

Update as of January 27, 2013 (Sun)  - Site Downtime & Update

UK Time 27th Jan 2013 17:54

Site will down for 1 hour max.

We are uploading software to auto approve purchases made via Liberty Reserve and Solid Trust Pay.

Russell ISMmagic

Update as of January 26, 2013 (Sat)  - $4 Million Reached

RAF continues with its phenomenal success with total purchases reaching $4million this week.


Update as of December 27, 2012 (Thu) - I received an email from

Welcome to the RicanAdFunds 27th December 2012 Security Update!

Security Update

In line with our policy of being 100% open in our communication to members, during recent days we have seen an increase in the number of hacked accounts and attempted fraudulent withdrawals.

We now know that the "Security Question & Answer" code recently added contained a bug that has allowed a hacker to enter fraudulent processor IDs, withdrawal claims and amend some user records. We are pleased to say this bug is now fixed and believe we have trapped most of the invalid withdrawal claims.

To ensure that member’s funds are safe we will be taking the following course of action.

Withdrawals will be disabled until mid-day UK time tomorrow.

All pending withdrawals will be checked and provided we can see a payment history (pre 8th Dec) to the account they will be paid later today. If there is no payment history they will be cancelled.

We ask all members to visit the site and

1. Click on “Forgot Your Password” and enter your e-mail address. If it tells you the email does not exist report this by email.

2. Log in

3. Click on Manage My Processors. To report any “Fraudulent Processor IDs” with a current status of “Approved” or “Pending” click on add/edit processors button on this page. On the next page enter the details of the fraudulent items; if none for a given Processor leave that processor field blank. Then enter “FRAUD” in the security answer fields and submit.

After this initial process is complete we ask that all members log in at least weekly (preferably daily) to check their accounts. It is YOUR business please look after it.

By all working together we can ensure a prosperous future for all.


Update as of December 11, 2012 (Tue) - I met Richard Cannon (Owner of RicanAdFunds and Rican BV) in Waterfront Pavilion Hotel & Casino Manila, Philippines. He discuss the Rican BV (Business Ventures), how the company is working with our funds deposited and what are the incoming business and investment  programs besides RicanAdFunds. I find it so interesting, and I'm glad that I have investments in RicanAdFunds.

Here's my previous blog post about RicanAdFunds

IsmMagic has launched its second feeder program, RicanAdFunds
 This is an advertising program from the same owners of ISM Ads Income and ISM Magic Social Network which has been online for more than a year.

Though the RicanAdFunds domain is registered under Richard Cannon while is registered under Russell Chapman, both guys are the brains of ISM Magic Limited. 
IsmMagic and IsmAdsIncome has a very good reputation and pays promptly.

For site info, see below post.

Passive Profit Share
2% per Day for 125 Days
$15.00 Ad Pack includes
5000 Header Banner (486 x 60) Impressions,
5000 Feature Banner (125 x 125) Impressions
5000 Feature Text Ad Impressions

RicanAdFunds gives YOU
Unlimite Responsive Ads + Income
EARN without referring, 100% passive
FREE Members can EARN- 3 Referral Bonuses: 7%, 5% and 3%

Minimum Withdrawal : $15
Payment Processor: Liberty Reserve Liberty Reserve, SolidTrust Pay Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money Perfect Money, and EgoPay EgoPay.

Register here to be Money Works For You as your Sponsor
Make sure in the Register Area - Sponsor is "Toys Merj"
If not, clear the cache and cookies in your browser. Thanks!

Site info of

Global  Alexa Traffic Rank

Domain name:
Domain Title: RicanAdFunds
Domain Age: 0 Years, 20 Days
Website Speed: Average
Owner: Richard Cannon
Address: 72 Hawkridge Drive
City: Pucklechurch, Bristol
Country: Great Britain
Postcode: BS16 9SW
Phone Number: +44.7411008186
Website Location: United Kingdom 

Name: Richard Cannon
Street: 72 Hawkridge Drive
City: Pucklechurch, Bristol
State: GLS
Postalcode: BS16 9SW
Country: Great Britain
Telephone: +44.7411008186
Registrar: 1 & 1 INTERNET AG
Registrar Country: Germany

Name: Richard Cannon
Country: Great Britain
Telephone: +44.7411008186

Ip Address:
Hosting Service: "Xtraordinary Networks Limited"
Hosting City: London
Hosting Region: H9
Hosting Postal:
Hosting Country: United Kingdom
Domain Created: 07-Sep-2012
Domain Expires: 07-Sep-2013
Domain Life: 365
Other Domains:
Ping: 844
Speed: Average
Network Name:
Network Country: Netherlands

Name Server1
Nameserver IP:
Target :
Org : "Assignment for Interxion-based Xen Guests
City : London
Region : H9
Country: Great Britain

Nane Server2
Nameserver IP:
Target :
City : London
Region : H9
Country: Great Britain 

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