Thursday, January 24, 2013

Visit AD - Earn 1$ daily to view just 50 Ads

Update as of Feb 9, 2013 (Sat) - Visitad is now offline, turned to scam.

Update as of Jan 28th, 2013 - Promo Pack Updated,Start Rating is Active Now

Hello Members
As promised in our previous newsletter,we have updated our promo pack.

The working Plan of Promo pack,so as to be eligible to earn 2 $ in a week is described below :

Member need to surf 500 Ads spread over a period of 7 days.

only 100 Ads can be surfed in one day.

Member must have an Active AD pack.

No membership or Subscription required,and you can earn 2 $ a week as long as you have an Active AD pack.

You cannot earn more than 2 $ in one week

Note: We have updated the above plan in View Ads tab of our website,we have also modified our FAQS and Banners.

Visit AD


Update as of Jan 25th, 2013 - Important Update On Promo Offer

We have noted some of the users are Abusing the Promo Offer by creating Multiple ids and withdrawing to same payment processor.Those users will have all accounts banned along with their IP.

We are modifying few settings for promo offer and also deleting multiple accounts hence the promo offer will be closed for time being

Minimum Cashouts have been increased and henceforth Minimum withdrawal in LR, PM & Egopay is 5 $ and STP is 10$


Update as of Jan 25th, 2013 - Visit AD Important Update !

Member Count, Support Tickets & FAQ related

Visit AD Members are growing at a pace faster than we had expected. As of now we have more than 5700 users on board.

As the numbers are ever increasing answers for support Tickets can be expected only to be answered within 48-96 hours

Despite clarifying many a times Regarding 1 $ credit for surfing ads will get credit according to our server time, still we notice many support tickets raised. Henceforth tickets pertaining to that subject will not be answered any more, However if any user did not receive your 1 $ after GMT+1 hours then email to

In order to answer few common questions asked by users our FAQ�s are getting updated.

Advertising related

For Bulk & exclusive advertising offers do contact us at

E-currency Exchange related

Currency Ex-changer has been integrated and members can use it by simply clicking CURRENCY MANAGER. In case of any issues regarding to exchange do contact us at

Note: We are modifying exchange rates according to fund balance available and hence the exchange rate shown at a particular time are not static.

Missing Cashouts related

In case any member has missing cashouts or having issues while funding your ewallet, do contact us at

STP Withdrawls related

Few Members are requesting cashouts to stp usernames which does not exist, and hence that particular cashout will be deleted and funds are added back to your cash balance. Do please recheck your stp username before making any withdrawal.

Multiple Accounts related

We have observed few users creating many ids and surfing and withdrawing to same payment processor. In order to make best use of the offer provided we have implemented IP restrictions and we do not allow more than one account per ip or computer, henceforth we will suspend multiple accounts.

Abuse sites related

If any user notices any website abusing your laws etc please report us immediately through Abuse Report and we will take suitable action and remove such website

Contact related

While composing mails to,,, users are requested to mention your username, user id and email address.

Here's my previous blogpost about Visit Ad.

Another program launched, Visit Ad.

Earn 1$ daily by just viewing 50 Ads daily.
Join us here:

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I'm not encouraging everyone to invest in HYIP.

It’s your choice.

Where to Invest?
When to Invest?
How much you will invest?
What Strategy you will use?
When you will get out?
What will you do to your Profit Gained?
What you can contribute to your fellow Investor?

It’s your money, not mine.
If you’ve gained from your investment, I will not gain from you.
If you’ve loose because the HYIP turned to scam, I will not lose from your investment.

But, don't quit.
There are many investment instruments which may suits you.
Keep in mind that never accept a return below inflation.
Study first before investing, an Investment in Knowledge pays the best interest.
And don't just work for money, let the money work for you.

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