Sunday, September 9, 2012

How much money do you want?

How much money do you want? It's your choice.
Choose now how much you really want.

Study the patterns in our life. How much do we want?
Saying "I want more," is not good enough.
Saying "Eight dollars more" or "Four hundred pesos more" is more.

How much more?
We must be specific. We should have the amount of money we need and desire to provide the things we want, the way we choose to live.

Maybe we are not seriously want more money than we are capable of earning, but remember we must earn it and there are only two ways to earn money.
"Money at work" and "People at work".
We must be employing both. If we want to be financially independent what we are actually saying is this "I want to have more than enough money working for me to provide the income I require to live the way i choose to live." be continued.

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